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Posted on Jul 7 by

If every game out there featured a generic metal music video the world would be a better place. HQ...


Project Cars

Posted on Jul 6 by

A cool little montage of Project Cars, an ambitious game from the developers of the Shift series. Incredible amount of detail has gone into the game, and it’s not even in...


Still Seeing Breen

Posted on Jul 5 by

Worth it just for seeing the G-Man expertly (well, for 2004) lip sync to the music. HQ Download...


The Great White Dope

Posted on Jul 4 by

Carma style. It’s rare to find a decent compilation for arguably the best racing game ever conceived, but this one fits the bill. Here’s hoping that Reincarnation...


Born Too Slow

Posted on Jun 21 by

Grand Prix Legends remains one of the most competent racing sims despite its age, and I bet you will not find a better game simulating the early period of Forumal 1 racing. This...


Xpand Rally Xtreme

Posted on Jun 20 by

Always liked this trailer. Great editing and fun to watch. It’s for Techland’s Xpand Rally Xtreme (sequel to Xpand Rally), a fun little rally racer set in big open...